Friday, September 18, 2009

$18 million man

The Tigers will owe Magglio Ordonez $18 million next season now that his option is guaranteed. Much has been made of this, particularly as Ordonez has struggled offensively much of this season. But maybe there can be room for hope. While it is doubtful Ordonez can produce at an $18-million level in 2010, maybe he can get to $10 million or a little more?

Over his last 35 games entering Friday, Ordonez was batting .382 and slugging .518. His OPS during that span was .971.

Looking at Magg's stats, he is hitting line drives at his usual rate and not swinging at pitches out of the strike zone any more than normal. He also is making contact across the board at his usual rate. The big difference is his groundball rate is 10% higher than usual. Groundballs are outs 75% of the time and -- obviously -- can't be home runs.

If his recent hitting is not just a flash in the pan maybe Maggs can return to being an above-average producer again.

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