Monday, April 07, 2008


OK. It wasn't the day games.

Detroit looked awful last night on national TV. The Tigers got 9 hits and 3 BB and only K'd twice, but hit into 5 DPs and rarely stung any balls. Justin Verlander gave up a leadoff HR to Nick Swisher and the rout was on. The ugliness wasn't all on Verlander as 5 of the 9 runs he yielded were unearned.

Two teams since 1903 have made the postseason after starting the year 0-6. Of course, much of that time doesn't include the wild card era. Also, I don't know the number of teams to start 0-6. So while that stat seems daunting, I'm not sure it matters. I would guess most of those 0-6 starters were truly bad teams, and I don't believe the Tigers fall into that category, although I would have little to back up that assertion at the moment.

With the way the pitching went last night, not much was going to save Detroit. However, I hated Jim Leyland's lineup with Pudge Rodriguez and Marcus Thames in the 1-2 spots. Both guys have posted OBPs below .300 two of the last three seasons. I don't think this is the way to jump start the offense. Poor Edgar Renteria hasn't seen the No. 1 spot since getting 3 hits from it the second game of the campaign.

Detroit's offense is .245/.316/.358 at this point. Blech! At this rate, the Tigs will be challenged to top 400 runs for the season, much less the 1,000 many thought they could reach. But the offensive woes don't mean Detroit is relegated to losing. The Yankees are .239/.291/.367 and have scored only 2 more runs than the Tigers, yet are 3-3.

The Tigers' ERA is 5.30, which is worst in the AL, and their .768 OPS against is 12th.

Maybe Detroit can find itself on the road. It won't be easy with Boston next up.

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