Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Seven & Seven

The Tigers opened the season with 7 consecutive losses and now have finally arrived at 7 wins, albeit not in a row. Detroit is 7-6 since its disastrous start. Here are some numbers:

First 7 games
Pitching: .278/.366/.452
Hitting: .234/.308/.332

Next 13 games
Pitching: .251/.360/.402
Hitting: .263/.352/.408

The White Sox's numbers for the season are .248/.319/.327 on the pitching side and .242/.336/.423 on the hitting side.

I'd have to think the Sox can't sustain the pitching line while the Tigers pitching, particularly the starters, can't get worse.

Detroit faces Texas next in a battle between the two worst teams in the AL. This could be a chance for the Tigs to get well.

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