Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boom, boom, boom, boom

There was a lot of talk about Detroit needing to win slugfests, and being capable of winning slugfests, with its potent lineup. Last night, the Tigers finally did. They beat LA 12-10, marking the first time this year they won a game in which their opponent scored more than 4 runs. Overall, the Tigs are 1-5 when their foes put up 5 runs or better.

According to, not since 1999 had Tigers pitching given up double-digit earned runs in a nine-inning game and still won.

Last year, Detroit gave up double digits 19 times. I don't know what other teams did, but gosh that sounds awfully high. The Tigers were 1-18 in those games (with the win coming in extra innings). They were 19-49 when giving up 5 to 9 runs.

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