Sunday, April 26, 2009

Do run run

The expanded stats on are incredible. I was looking at baserunning stats for AL teams. Toronto leads the league in runs per game. The Jays also lead in the number of times they've had runners score from second on a single, 19 of 29 with the other 10 baserunners stopping at third. The Yankees are fourth in runs per game, but have only scored 8 of 17 times from second on a single. But the Yanks have scored from first on a double 9 of 16 times. Texas ranks second in runs per game, but is doing it mostly with the long ball. The Rangers have 35 HR, which is 6 more than No. 2 Toronto and 14 better than the league average. They also have been successful on 18 of 20 stolen base attempts. Better minds than mine could make something of all this data.

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