Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fair or foul

Umpire Jim Joyce has had a tough week. Some might argue a bad week. Last night, in the Phillies-Red Sox game, Joyce ruled a potential game-winning HR of the bat of Philly's Greg Dobbs was foul and refused to go to video review. The video most likely would have proved inconclusive, but why have video review if it's not going to be used in a situation like this? In fairness to Joyce, it was a tough call and several Phillies believe he got it right. From what I've read, some fans at the game who were sitting down the line, think otherwise.

Joyce also was involved in a call at home plate in the Tigers-White Sox series earlier this week. He called a Chicago runner out -- on what would have been the game-winner in the ninth -- although replays indicated he was safe (at least that's what Hawk Harrelson repeatedly told me). Again, it was a very close play.

Still, it makes for a tough week.

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