Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Is This It?

The O's return to Baltimore tonight after completing a dismal 6 game west coast road trip to Seattle and Oakland.  The O's left for the west coast at 5 games under .500 and return at 9 games under.  They scored 10 runs in the 6 games. O's starting pitching managed a total of 4 2/3 IP in the 3 contests in Oakland.

The O's managed a 14-15 month of May despite turning over nearly the entire starting rotation.  The optimism generated in May by  the young starters from AAA, the promotion of Matt Wieters to the starting catcher spot and the hot start by rookie left fielder Nolan Reimold, did not even get a chance to dissipate.  The 1-5 start to June on the west coast simply crushed it.

Considering the O's penchant for tanking mid to late season, this trip is even more the disappointing.  Yet, the O's are a younger team now than they were even a month ago.  The question is:  Are they resilient?

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