Saturday, June 20, 2009

The O's do not stink

Phillies fans were talking this week like a sweep of Baltimore was not only a necessity, but as if the failure to do so was the final indication that the Fighins were in an awful funk.

Well, the Orioles took game one of the series last night. Contrary to the opinion of the talking heads in Philly, they are not horrible. And I'm not just saying that because I'm friends with Stan. As of now, they are only 7 games worse than the Phils. Baltimore is young and talented and inconsistent. That's a far cry from being horrible.

Also, Baltimore is the only team in the AL East playing below .500 ball. The O's entered tonight seven games under .500, which to me seems rather good considering their division.

Upon examination, the O's are 7-3 vs. the NL East this season. They're just in the wrong East.

The best teams in the AL, at least by records, are Boston, the Yankees, Detroit, Texas and Anaheim. The Orioles are 8-18 against those five squads. That puts them at 22-19 vs. everyone else.

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Stanley said...

Indeed, the young O's are inconsistent. Just not all the time.