Monday, July 06, 2009

Fun from Jayson Stark

This note from Stark's ESPN column:'s Marty Noble inspired me to look this one up. The Mets just managed to go two straight games without an extra-base hit in Citizens Bank Park, on Saturday and Sunday. So how many other teams have done that since this hitter's palace opened in 2004? How about zero -- in either the same series or even the same season.


joe said...

If anyone's wondering why I'm not writing more often, it's because my keyboard has been badly damaged by the trauma of my head repeatedly banging against it.

Gadi said...

Just wanted to leave a note about "Death to Flying Things":

Since Bob Ferguson was an infielder, doesn't it seem odd that his nickname would be associated with fly balls?

An alternative theory I've heard is that he got the nickname because he was an adept flyswatter.

(See, for example, Bob Bloss, _Managers: Stats, Stories, & Strategies_,