Friday, May 22, 2009

First strikes

More on first strikes. Here are the leaders in MLB for first strike percentage (above 64%):

Dan Haren, Roy Halladay, Koji Uehara, Kevin Slowey, Randy Wolf, Javier Vazquez, Roy Oswalt, Johan Santana, Joel Pineiro, Jered Weaver, and Jake Peavy.

No one in that group has an ERA above 4.50 and they've combined for a 3.20 ERA.

Of course, Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain both have first strike percentages of 54.3, so go figure.

The AL averages for 0-1 counts are .317/.327/.479.
For 1-0, they are .330/.336/.543.

For after 0-1, they are .239/.283/.358.
For after 1-0, they are .281/.399/.471.

So, it still looks like you'd rather start with strike one.

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