Friday, May 22, 2009

Golden opportunity

I know it's too early to get caught up looking at the loss column, or so I'm told, but it's the easiest way to look at the standings. And Detroit has a great chance this weekend to take an early hold on the AL Central.

The Tigers are 23-16 and four games ahead of second-place KC in the loss column. They've got a seven-game edge over Minnesota and Chicago and 10 games over Cleveland. They've won six in a row and here comes Colorado (16-24) to the Motor City.

Hopefully, the Tigs don't start looking ahead to a set against KC following the Colorado series. The Tigers are 42-12 in interleague play over the past three seasons.

Detroit finishes the month with four games in Baltimore. This is a key 10-game stretch because June's slate, beginning with Boston, is tougher.

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