Monday, May 18, 2009

O's Treading Water

The O's have managed a 7-6 record in the 13 games since a season high 6 game losing streak to end April and start the month of May.

Pitching woes continue to plague the Orioles, whose starters have the highest ERA and the lowest IP per Start in the AL.  Only the Oakland A's starters have fewer Wins than O's starters.

The O's bullpen has started to round into form with merely the 10th highest ERA in the AL.  If the starters don't soon start pitching deeper, this trend will not last for long.

Defensively, the O's have tightened up over the last 13 games.  They now have only the 10th highest number of errors in the AL, but still have surrendered the most Unearned Runs.

The O's offense is playing respectable baseball, ranking 6th in Batting Average, 7th in Slugging and 8th in Runs in the AL.  The offense has been carried by Roberts, Jones, Markakis and Huff. If the rest of the roster gets "off the schnide", there is still hope for a potent offense.

The highlight of the last 13 games is this.

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