Monday, May 11, 2009

Pitching and defense

Since April 22 when Detroit's OPS was .821, the Tigs have batted .229/.300/.368 in 16 games. They were scoring 4.1 runs per game, but managed to go 9-7 during the span. In their first 14 games, Detroit batted .293/.370/.450 and went 8-6. They averaged 6 runs per game.

The pitching, though, improved as the hitting slumped since April 22. The Tigers posted a 3.38 ERA in the past 16 games. They gave up only 11 homers. In the first 14 games, the ERA was 4.36 with 18 HRs.

In the last 14 games, the ERA was 2.95 (and the Tigers were 9-5).

Defensively, using Hardball Times' data, the Tigers for the season had a team range-zone rating of .782 in the infield and .926 in the outfield entering Sunday. The league averages were .769 and .901, respectively. The Tigers had 42 out-of-zone plays in the infield and 60 in the outfield. The league averages were 43 and 55.

Looking at defensive stats on, the Tigers turned 70.5 percent of balls in play into outs this season. This was third best in the league. The AL average was 69.2.

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