Monday, May 04, 2009

O's Week Four

The O's took on "Oh-fer" in Week 4 losing 6 straight to complete the month of April at 9-13 and currently stand at 9-16.

The highlight of the week was Jamie Walker's post-game comments disparaging MLB Umpire Angel Hernandez after Tuesday's loss to the Angels.  Walker's comments were apt, for which the AL fined him.

O's hitting ranked 13th in the AL for the week.  The offense is currently broken.  No one on the team can lay down a sacrifice bunt, hit to the right side w/a runner on 2nd and no outs, steal a base, etc....  Late in the week, the hitters seem to have lost their patience at the plate as well.  Everyone is in a hurry to make an out.

The defense continues its' poor play, although they no longer lead the AL in errors.

Starting pitching logged a 5.45 ERA and did average a smidge over 6 IP per start.
The bullpen logged a 5.71 ERA and blew 2 save opportunities.

So, the O's are in Tampa Bay for 2 games then back home for the Twins and Yankees in Week 5.


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Sparky said...

Didn't someone on the O's recently say how they had the best lineup in the AL?

I miss Jamie Walker.