Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The Free Press reports the Tigers and Pirates are in talks about Brandon Inge. When the Tigers trade him, it will be another sad day, just like when they traded Mike Maroth. It's not because they're necessarily great players (and there's no debating Cabrera has to play 3B ahead of Inge regardless of Inge's otherworldly defense) but because they're great guys who suffered through 119 in 2003 with class.

Someone is going to be very happy to get Inge, even if he is owed $6 million each of the next three years. That's going to seem like a bargain, I think, once he gets straightened out at the plate. One thing about Inge, he's going to be there playing hard every day.

For a while, because of my devotion to Inge, I admit to falling into the "Brosius trap" when thinking about Cabrera. I would laugh when Yankee fans say they would rather have a Scott Brosius -- need a Scott Brosius -- over Alex Rodriguez. I almost did the same thing with Inge-Cabrera, but caught myself.

A-Rod has 2 MVP awards in 4 years with the Yankees. Forget about his postseasons (although they're the most enjoyable part of the year) -- NYY hasn't won a World Series since Brosius left because of its pitching shortcomings, not because of a need for fewer great players and more role players. A-Rod hit more HR this season (54) than Brosius did in 3 seasons with NY (52). Brosius was .261/.328/.422 with NY while A-Rod has been .303/.403/.573 in his 4 years.

Yeah, a Brosius type over A-Rod is just the upgrade the Yankees need.

So I have to say, welcome Miguel. Third base is yours.


Josh said...

Careful what you tell Cabrera is "his." He might just eat third base.

Sparky said...

It's wafer thin.

Josh said...

Wafer? Sacrilicious