Monday, May 05, 2008

All or nothing

Recently, I posted the Tigers BA/OPB/SLG in games they've lost, and it was seemingly bad. I wondered how those numbers compared to the rest of the AL. Here are the Tigers' stats vs. the AL stats:

Tigers: .221/.298/.309 -- .607 OPS
AL: .219/.286/.323 -- .608 OPS

So, the Tigers are pretty much "average bad" in their losses. However, I put my finger on why it seems worse. Here are the Tigers stats vs. the AL stats in wins:

Tigers: .316/.404/.584 -- .988 OPS
AL: .295/.372/.462 -- .834 OPS

You can see, Detroit is far better than "average good" in its wins. Their OPS+ compared to the league split in wins is 132 and in losses is 98.

But what makes it seem worse is their OPS+ compared to their team in losses. That figure is 57. Ouch. That number is the third worst in the AL. Surprisingly, the two teams that are worst (Boston, 55; Oakland, 40) have winning records. The Tigers' difference between their team win OPS+ of 150 and team loss OPS+ of 57 is second worst to Oakland's 137/40. Given the A's lineup, their stats are less of a surprise.

This is why Detroit is so frustrating. How can this lineup mash one game and get shut down the next? The Tigers entered Monday ranked 2nd in the AL in OBP and 1st in slugging. I'm at a loss, and so is Jim Leyland. (So I don't feel too bad, except I would've hoped he was smarter than me.)

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