Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What next?

OK, facing a knuckleballer was probably the last thing the struggling bats in Motown needed. Still, this is becoming ridiculous. Sparky is on the verge of changing his name to The Pope and only blogging about the Phillies. It probably would spark more witty banter with Joe and give Brian the opportunity to offer his insights like "good pitching is good."

I have a new theory about the Tigers. It's the curse of Mike Maroth. Detroit was 42-29 when Maroth was traded last season. I believe that makes the Tigs 60-65 since. Maroth was released last week by the KC organization after posting a 12.91 ERA in three Triple-A starts. Here's hoping Dave Dombrowski brings him back, sits him in the dugout, and reverses the karma.

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