Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Misery loves company

All sharp objects have been taken from Mr. Met and Sparky, reducing them to eating with sporks, and they're forced to remove their belts when getting ready to watch MLB.

This is what it's become: The Tigers are tied for last place with the Royals in the AL Central, even after KC has lost 8 in a row. Detroit is 7-1/2 games out of first, its largest deficit of the season.

Last night, the Tigers got shut out for the EIGHTH time this year. They have not shut out an opponent. They lost on a bases-loaded BB in the 12th inning after going 0-for-12 with RISP. It was the ELEVENTH time this year a Detroit pitcher issued a BB with the sacks full. (Tigers batters have received 4.)

The Tigers have allowed 110 runs with 2 outs. They've scored 84. The Tigers have allowed an .855 OPS with RISP. They have a .733 OPS with RISP.

Detroit's ability to sometimes put double digits on the board in a game has the squad No. 3 in the AL in runs. The Tigers are averaging close to 5 runs per outing, but those numbers are misleading. If you look at the median, the Tigs are much closer to a 3 run per game team.

Stats explain how the Tigers are 21-30, but fail to answer why. Why is this team, which other players rank as having among the best hitters and pitchers in MLB, so bad? That remains the perplexing question.

Damn this spork.

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