Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My, my Myers

I've never bought into the "Brett Myers is gonna be a stud starter" idea, although he should be better than what he's shown this year. Maybe he can't get used to be a starter again after enjoying the closer role so much last season.

Looking at his stats, his K/9 is 7.58 (career average 7.54), his BB/9 is 3.19 (3.17) and his K/BB is 2.38 (2.38). His LOB% is 72.5 (73.8). Here's where it gets dicey: His HR/9 is 2.28 (1.34) and his BABIP is .335 (.304).

Throwing out his breakdown stats from last season because he was primarily a reliever, Myers is throwing fewer cutters and curveballs and more sliders this year. Plus, as widely discussed, the velocity on his fastball is down a bit. Interestingly, his velocity on other pitches is in line with previous seasons.

Is Myers worrying too much about his fastball and turning more to his slider? Is this putting him in bad counts and contributing to his high HR figure? Worth considering.

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