Sunday, May 04, 2008

Utley, Burrell and mirrors

I just got home from watching the Phillies take advantage of 3 Giants errors to win 6-5. The first-place Fightins have gotten surprisingly good work from their bullpen this season and great hitting from Chase Utley and Pat Burrell.

Beyond that, it's remarkable this team is in first place. Jimmy Rollins has only played 12 games and nobody outside of Utley and Burrell (and for a while Jayson Werth) is hitting. With Shane Victorino back in the lineup after being sidelined by injury, only Utley and Burrell entered today with an OPS+ higher than pitcher Cole Hamels. (Read that sentence again to fully absorb it.)

Here are the regulars' OPS+ entering today:

C - Carlos Ruiz, 39
1B - Ryan Howard, 65
2B - Chase Utley, 211
3B - Pedro Feliz, 68
SS - Eric Bruntlett, 45
LF - Pat Burrell, 185
CF - Shane Victorino, 45
RF - Geoff Jenkins, 74

P - Cole Hamels, 78

Some of the subs have fared better:

C - Chris Coste, 136
OF - Jayson Werth, 117
IF - Greg Dobbs, 122


joe said...

Only three Mets starters entered Sunday with an OPS+ higher than their pitcher, but then Johan Santana was hitting .267/.313/.467.

Brian said...

That goes to show you how getting good pitching really helps a team win. I know that’s the kind of insight you’ve come to expect from me.