Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Aaron Heilman pitches two perfect innings, striking out four. Endy Chavez hits a game-tying pinch hit home run in the bottom of the ninth, just as I'm cursing Willie for taking out Ramon Castro. And after Duaner Sanchez gives up a twelfth-inning home run to Alfredo Amezaga of all people, the Mets fight back, capped off by a two-run double by Fernando Tatis. If this game doesn't wake the Mets up, nothing will.

Oh, and a little bit further south, Pedro Martinez strikes out six minor leaguers, walking none and allowing two runs on four hits in six innings.

It's beginning to feel a bit like 2006.


Sparky said...

I guess nothing will.

joe said...

Three out of four since I said that and five out of six overall. It's a start.

Sparky said...

I spoke too soon.